Friday, March 18, 2011

Rainy Day Fund

Dear Friends,

All of us have been sitting on the edges of our seats regarding the impact that state funding cuts could have on service delivery in the North Texas area and around Texas.  You have advocated, and some have lobbied, with State Legislators to encourage the Governor to use the rainy day funds to decrease the negative impact of cuts for services that are critical to our community.  Well, it worked.  The Governor has recently relented and agreed to use some of the Rainy Day Funds to soften the blow. 

Read this letter from the President of Dallas Regional Chamber for details:

The message here is that advocating for what we believe in is an important and impactful way for having our voices heard.  It also serves to move our legislators and officials to take actions that support our work in the nonprofit sector which is all about being there to support the people in our communities who need and deserve our help. 
Let’s keep it up!
Cynthia B. Nunn

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